Frequently Asked Questions

No. We contract with Brooks Transportation Bus Company. Safety Belts on a school bus cause more danger when trying to evacuate during an emergency.

The camp uses special indoor areas and low intensity activities on days in which it may be too smoggy or hot to be outside. Age appropriate movies, games, story telling, extended arts and crafts and of course more pool time are all part of our hot/smoggy day activity schedule. Our main gymnasium areas are air conditioned.

At the time of drop off, let the morning care director know of the early pick up or call the camp office (818) 304-3016. Your child will be ready for you at the camp office for pick up. There is a $5 for early pick up fee per family, per instance.

There are no pick ups between 3:30-4:15 and parents will be directed to normal pick up location.campers are changing and moving to pick up location.

Parents/guardians must sign children in and out of camp. Individuals will be asked to provide picture identification for proper authorization.

Location for both drop off and pick up is at the archery field for summer and lavc community services for winter.(see the camp map). There is plenty of parking space in the parking structure.

Camp program hours are from 8:30 a.m. To 4:30 pm.

We offer complimentary early morning care beginning at 7:15am. Parents are encouraged to be on time. After 9:00 am it’s considered a late drop off and must be taken to the camp office. There is a $5 for late drop off per family, per instance.

We offer complimentary afternoon care till 5:45 pm. Any camper not picked up by 5:45pm will be charged $10 for every 15 minute interval per family.

Current or former counselors (adults 18+) refer most of our new staff. Most of our counseling staff are college students working towards a degree and/or studying to become a teacher. We have an intense selection process and a mandatory two & a half day training session that allow us to choose and train the most highly qualified candidates. We look for responsible counselors who fit our active profile requirements. Most counselors have also attended our yearly 6-7 day training trip to sequoia & yosemite national parks. All employees are required to complete a livescan fingerprint clearance, at the la county sheriffs substation. In addition they must show proof of negative tb (tuberculosis test) in the last 6 months in order to be employed by us.

Our staff is not permitted to administer any medication (prescription or over the counter) to campers. Campers must carry and administer their own medication. We cannot be responsible for the administration or storage of any medication.

Each child is responsible for taking his or her medicine at the proper time. Our staff may remind campers that they need to take their medicine as a courtesy but we can not be responsible for ensuring that campers take their medicine at the proper time. Campers that have allergies or asthma are responsible for carrying and using asthma inhalers and epi-pens. If your child uses an epi-pen or asthma inhaler we expect that you have spoken to the child about proper usage. Also, please make sure that your child is aware that no one should touch their epi-pen or asthma inhaler and that they keep it on their person at all times.

Many staff members are certified in cpr and first aid. We also have first aid kits that are carried by our management staff. The camp employs a certified first responder and emt (emergency medical technician). In addition, the los angeles county sheriff’s department maintains a station on our campus that is staffed 24 hours per day 7 days per week. An rn (registered nurse) is on staff for our off campus adventure travel camps.

We have designated campus wide evacuation plans depending on the nature of the emergency. All staff are trained and briefed on campus evacuation areas and emergency scenarios. We also have a 24- hour/7 day a week, la county sheriff department substation on campus.

Summer season: on (most thursdays) cookout days, the camp provides lunch, (kosher hot dog, chips) drink, and dessert. Please check the camp calendar to see if there is a cookout scheduled for any day(s) that your child will attend camp. We do not provide a snack so make sure that your child brings a snack on cookout days. For vegetarian campers we can offer veggy dog. 

Winter season: we have cookout on different days and we provide a kosher meal, like spaghetti.

A beverage is provided, but not lunch, except for our weekly cookout days. Every day please provide a separate snack. You may purchase lunch through our registration site for each day. Lunch is NOT provided by Monarch Camps. It is provided by LAVC Cafe.

All campers are required to wear a camp t-shirt for visual recognition. Campers are giving a camp id wristband at morning check in on field trip days to water activities  Once at the trip site, the staff informs campers about safety issues, their schedule, activities, and responsibilities as campers. We use fcc licensed frequency band, hand held, commercial cb radios for group communication (with cell phone backup).

Summer Season: classic day, excursions, theatre arts, nature, glee, dance & all-sports camps go on every field trip on wednesdays. Aquatics, basketball, gymnastics, soccer and tennis do not go on wednesday field trips, except all camps go on the beach field trips. Monarch eXcursions are the only ones that go on the Tuesday field trips.

Winter season: everyone goes on the field trips.

We strongly believe that all kids should be water safe and feel comfortable in the water. All campers registered for the classic day camp are required to participate in the swim lesson. During swim lessons all of our counselors are in the water with the children and actively teaching. If you do not agree with our policy please consider enrolling your child in one of our specialty camps (that do not include swim lessons) or consider another camp for your child.

Children in all camps have the option of swimming during free (recreational) swim most afternoons. Kids in all camps should bring a bathing suit, a towel, and sunscreen to camp each day.

There are 4 to 5 certified lifeguards (with certification in cpr, aed, first aid and lifesaving skills) on duty during swim lessons and free swim. Also during free swim, each counselor rotates on a 20-minute shift assisting our regular lifeguards with camper supervision and when not on lifeguard duty our counselors are in the water swimming, playing, and supervising. Our pool programs and lessons are coordinated by our pool director who is red cross certified water safety instructor (wsi).

In classic day camp campers are grouped by gender and grade they are going into for the fall. Sports and specialty camps are mixed, but may be divided within the group based on skills and experience.

At Monarch Camps we do everything we can to keep the same counselor with the group but sometimes it’s beyond our control. A counselor might change for various reasons, which might include changes in enrollment, and employee conflicts.

Our overall adult staff to camper ratio is never less than 1 adult to 8 children, but the exact ratio depends upon how many campers are in camp each specific day. Individual groups may be as small as 4 – 6 for 5 & 6 year olds or as large as 12 or more for 11 & 12 year olds. We average 8 - 10 campers for each group and each group is assigned a counselor (18+) and junior counselor (14-17) is assigned to a group as extra supervision. Group sizes will vary depending upon the nature of activities and age of the campers.

1. Full refund for cancellation up to 10 business days* prior to the start of the week registered. If cancellation is within 3-10 business days of the week registered, the deposit of $20 per day is lost and the remainder of the balance will be refunded. All cancellation requests must be emailed to

2. If cancellation happens within three business days or fewer prior to the start of the week registered, for any reason, a $25 credit will be applied to household account. The $25 credit is ONLY applicable towards future registrations in a Monarch Camps program. Credits must be claimed by parents/guardians by calling in that morning (818) 304-3016 ext. # 3.

3. There is a $5.00 transfer fee charged for switching** from one camp option to another. (E.g. Soccer camp to Classic Day camp)

*Business days refer to Monday thru Friday. Weekends and holidays do not count as business days.

**Transfers are considered moving the same number of days in a specific week to another camp option in the same week. SWITCHING FROM A FIVE DAY WEEK TO A THREE OR FOUR DAY WEEK IS CONSIDERED A CANCELLATION and will be subject to our cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel a five-day week and register for a three or four day week, you must email If cancellation occurs within 3-10 business days of the week registered, there is a loss of the $20 deposit for each day cancelling. Less than three business days’ notice prior the cancellation date yields a $25 credit applicable exclusively to future Monarch Camps programs.

Monarch Camps is not a “Day Care” facility. We are listing our Tax I.D. number (47-1708392) as a courtesy only. If you claim Monarch Camp as a “day care” deduction, please consult with your tax preparer.

We begin offering camp options to campers entering into Kindergarten the following year. Once a camper is going to be entering into 8th grade, are eligible to apply for our Counselor in Training program. To find out more regarding our CIT program, Click Here.

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Campers must be registered for a minimum of three days per week. However, there is no weekly minimum.

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