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Classic Day Camps

This is our largest program where campers get a variety of activities everyday.

Swim Lessons

Arts & Crafts

General Sports Activities

Special Events

Spanish Immersion Camp

Monarch X

Specialty Camps

For the campers interested in being challenged in special ways.


Theatre Arts


Nature & Science

Fine Art


All Sports

Counselor in Training

Sports Camps

For campers who love sports and want coaching to get to the next level.







Adventure Camps

For campers looking for adventure and memories.

Mammoth Lakes

Sequoia National Park


Classic Day Camps

Entering Kinder-3rd grade | Ages 5 - 8 Years

This is where it all begins, with our longest running and most popular camp. Campers participate in swim lessons, arts & crafts, fun activities and play in a variety of sports (such as gymnastics, basketball, tennis, soccer and archery). We build a strong sense of camp tradition and community through singing, dancing, special dress-up and theme days with unique events. Our groups are divided up by grade and gender.

Sample Daily Schedule

7:15 AM - 8:30 AM: Complimentary Morning Care
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM: Friendship Circle (Camp Begins)
9:00 AM - 10:40 AM: Morning Activity Periods (2 sports activities)
10:40 AM - 11:00 AM: Snack (Not provided)
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Summer Season  - Swim Lessons (mandatory) / Winter Season - Group Fitness
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Arts & Crafts
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM: Lunch (Beverage Provided)
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Recreation Period (ping pong, billiards, board games, movies, etc.)
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Summer Season - Recreational Swim (optional) / Winter Season - Cooking or Science Projects
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Closing Circle & Dismissal
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM:  Complimentary Extended Care ($10.00 fee for each camper picked up after 5:45 PM)


Monarch X

Entering 4th-7th grade | Ages 9 - 12 Years

Monarch eXcursions is for our older Classic Day campers. Monarch eXcursion campers go on an extra premium field trip on Tuesdays. Extra travel rate of $70 per week. Limited Space.

Spanish Immersion Camp

Entering 1st-4th grade | Ages 6 - 9 years

Our newest program is our Classic Day Camp experience, conducted completely while speaking Español. Campers participate in swim lessons, arts & crafts, fun activities, and play a variety of sports (gymnastics, basketball, tennis, soccer, archery, etc.) all while speaking exclusively in Spanish. Campers will participate in special activities to enhance their knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures, while improving their linguistic skills.


Specialty Camps

Age Varies Based on Specialty Camp Option

Specialty Camps participate in most of the Classic Day Camp activities, such as free swim, recreation room, Wednesday field trips, dress up days, and special events. Instead of arts & crafts, swim lessons, and the sports block, each camp focuses on their own specialized activities.

All-Sports Camp

Entering 3rd - 7th grade | Ages 8 - 12 years

This is the camp for the child who loves playing a variety of sports. Similar in structure to Classic Day Camp, but with an extra sports block in lieu of arts and crafts and swim games/competitions instead of swim lessons.


Fine Art Camp

Entering 2nd-6th grade | Ages 7 - 11 years

Let your inner artist express itself! Campers in Fine Art Camp take their love of arts & crafts to the next level, engaging in more in-depth art activities and learning more advanced techniques in a variety of mediums. Campers enrolled in multiple weeks of Fine Art Camp will benefit from the progression of skills and activities designed to build and strengthen the concepts they learn. Campers will be able to express themselves in new and creative ways.


Nature Explorers/Science Camp

Entering 2nd-6th grade | Ages 7 - 11 years

Entering 2nd-6th grade | Ages 7 - 11 years

Campers will explore different aspects of nature and science each day, guided by a theme, enhanced by our weekly eld trips. Most days campers take small hikes around campus and maintain long term projects while exploring new themed activities each day.

Field Trips on Tuesdays, June 18 and July 25.


Theatre Arts Camp

Entering 1st-8th grade | Ages 6 - 13 years

Most of the weeks Theatre Arts Camp will perform in a Friday Afternoon show consisting of scenes, skits, and songs in which each and every camper will be given his or her time to shine! By the end of the summer, campers will be familiar with a variety of traditional acting warm-up techniques, how to identify all the different parts of the stage, and what it takes to put together a stage production, both backstage and in the spotlight. During the final week of camp, Theatre Arts campers will all be part of an original Theatre Arts movie that will premier on the Camp big screen.
Theatre Arts is divided into two groups:

• Theatre Arts Eagles
(Entering 1st-4th grade/Ages 6 – 9 years)
Will learn the basics of being an actor on stage. They will have the opportunity to engage in fun, exciting, and unique drama activities all throughout the summer and will be given an introduction to improvisation and storytelling.

• Theatre Arts Lions
(Entering 5th-8th grade/Ages 10 – 13 years)
Will learn the many principles and traditions of improvisational theater and sketch comedy. They will have a chance to study and perform scenes from established plays, both classical and contemporary, learn and perform musical songs, and will also be able to develop their own story ideas into finished skits that will be performed within the group and in front of a larger audience.


Glee Camp

Entering 1st-7th grade | Ages 6 - 13 years

Campers with a song in their heart will be right at home in Glee camp. Campers will learn singing techniques, how to read music, create beautiful harmonies and melodies, as well as rehearse songs to perform in their
weekly performance.


Dance Camp

Entering 2nd-7th grade | Ages 7 - 12 years

So you think you can dance? Learn various dance styles from ballet to tap, hip hop to jazz. Dance campers will also participate in a weekly performance.


Counselor in Training (CIT)

Entering 8th -9th grade | Ages 13 - 14 years

This program is designed to meet the following goals:

1. To lead and challenge the CIT’s in order that they will learn how to be responsible and productive young peo-
ple through fun and exciting activities.

2. To develop future camp Junior Counselors and Counselors who are well-rounded and well-trained.
Throughout each week CIT’s will receive a mix of both “classroom type” training and hands-on experience with groups. CIT’s will be assigned to work with groups of campers and their counselors. CIT’s interaction with camp groups will always be supervised.

C.I.T.’s will receive CPR and First Aid training and certification as well as “life skills” training on such topics as how to write a resume, how to interview for a job, etc.
In addition, CIT’s enjoy special events and activities (including a special field trip to Universal Studios) exclusive to this program. Admission to the program is by application and/or interview only and enrollment is very limited.

To apply for our CIT Program please contact Mike Atkin at 818-947-2577 X. 4072. Minimum 5 week sign up.


Sports Camps

Age Varies Based on Sports Camp Option

Sports Camps for a majority of the day focus on fundamentals of their own particular interest. Then in the afternoon they enjoy recreation room and free swim. Sports camps don’t go on field trips expect for the 3 beach trips.

Aquatics Camp

Entering 3rd - 7th grade | Ages 8 - 12 years

Is your camper practically part fish? Then they’ll love spending the entire day in the incredible LAVC Aquatics Center in Aquatics Camp. Instruction will cover a number of aquatic areas including competitive swimming techniques, snorkeling, springboard diving, lifesaving techniques, water polo, water safety, etc.


Baseball Camp

Entering 3rd - 7th grade | Ages 8 - 12 years

Boys and girls are welcome to join our baseball coaches as they teach players of all levels how to take their skill to the next level. From basic fundamentals to advanced game strategy, Monarch Baseball Camp features everything necessary for a player to improve in both the mental and physical aspects of the game. Learn the fundamentals of offense and defense on the court.

Basketball Camp

Entering 3rd - 7th grade | Ages 8 - 12 years

Boys and girls are welcome to join LAVC men’s assistant coach, Val Khamenia as he teaches players of all levels how to take their skill to the next level. From basic fundamentals to advanced game strategy, Monarch Basketball Camp features everything necessary for a player to improve in both the mental and physical aspects of basketball. Learn the fundamentals
of offense and defense in any of the weekly sessions.


Gymnastics Camp

Entering Kinder-8th grade | Ages 5 - 13 years

Led by Gregg Carpenter and our amazing Gymnastics coaches, campers will learn the Olympic events with emphasis on safety, technique, skill development, and practice. Short routines will be learned and demonstrated in several exhibitions throughout the summer.


Soccer Camp

Entering 1st - 7th grade | Ages 6 - 12 years

Learn the world’s most popular sport under the instruction of local high school coaches. Led by NSCAA approved Mayra Luis-Juan, campers of all levels will cover the basic fundamentals and advanced concepts necessary for success as both an individual player and as a teammate through drills, games and scrimmages.


Tennis Camp

Entering 3rd - 7th grade | Ages 8 - 12 years

Our Tennis Camp is run by our resident tennis pro, Ray Finks. Instruction will cover basic skills and drills required for proficiency. Strategy and gamesmanship will be taught. Skill development and playing time will be emphasized. Campers need to supply their own racket.


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