Classes: Dance | Fine Arts | Gymnastics | Rockwall | Theatre by Monarch Camps in Los Angeles, CA

Classes: Dance | Fine Arts | Gymnastics | Rockwall | Theatre


As the summer sun sets on our unforgettable camp memories, we’re excited to unveil an incredible opportunity for your child’s year-round growth and development. Monarch Camps is thrilled to introduce our lineup of enriching classes, designed to keep the spirit of learning and fun alive even after summer ends. Registration for each month opens on the 15th of the prior month.


Watch as your child leaps and glides, twirls and moves to their own rhythm. Unleash their boundless energy and pure joy through our dynamic Dance Classes, meticulously tailored for children of all ages.Within the realm of dance, young enthusiasts will flourish as they express themselves and cultivate their dance talents. Our dedicated instructors are committed to nurturing and inspiring each child, creating a nurturing environment for their dance exploration. With intimate class sizes, we ensure personalized attention, empowering every young dancer to thrive in their own unique style. Become part of our vibrant and transformative journey through the captivating world of dance!


Discover the enchanting realm of creativity and self-expression through our captivating Fine Art Classes, thoughtfully designed for children aged 7-13. Within the world of visual arts, budding young talents will flourish as they unlock their imaginations and nurture their artistic abilities. Our skilled instructors are passionate about nurturing and igniting the artistic spark in each child, fostering a supportive atmosphere for their creative exploration. Embracing small class sizes, we ensure individualized attention, empowering every young artist to blossom in their own distinctive style. Join us for an exciting and transformative journey through the mesmerizing world of fine art!


Children will learn basic gymnastics skills which help develop body awareness while working on strength and flexibility. From warming up their muscles to going upside down around the uneven bars, they will experience it all! We focus on knowledge of the equipment and their comfort level with each event they visit.


Be brave and adventurous in this challenging physical activity for kids 6-11. Rock climbing encourages problem solving and boosts confidence as they strategize their way to the top. An awesome alternative to competitive sports, rock climbing is a personal journey for climbers, building coordination and strength while staying in shape. Children work with experienced instructors. Class sizes limited.


Unlock the world of creativity and self-assurance in our engaging Theatre Classes, tailor-made for children aged 7-13. Within the realm of performance and storytelling, young minds will thrive as they embrace their imaginations and develop their artistic potential. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding and inspiring each child, providing a nurturing environment for their theatrical exploration. With limited class sizes, we ensure personalized attention, allowing every young performer to flourish in their own unique way. Come join us on this exhilarating and transformative journey through the captivating world of theatre!

$15 per Daily Pass.

Adult Open Gymnastics and Rock Wall

$45 monthly pass: Come as much as you would like.

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