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You child spins and twirls. Leaps and tumbles. Complete freedom. No fear, only energy and joy.

You already have a dancer. All they need now is a space to find encouragement and guidance. A space where they feel the thrill of doing what they love with others who feel the same.

Join us at Monarch Camps and you’ll join a community of teachers and dancers who are enthusiastic, supportive and whose one goal is instilling a lifelong partnership with movement and dance!

Choose from sequential ballet classes, creative and contemporary dance, hip-hop, tap, musical theatre and more!

Musical Theatre/Jazz Intro 3:30pm-4:15pm
Ballet/Tap – Thursday 3:30pm-4:15pm
Intro to Hip Hop – Thursday 3:30pm – 4:15


Your child will begin their ballet journey in a caring, exciting and nurturing environment. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum has been developed by experienced instructors along with our own dance faculty.  Your child will learn the technique of ballet and performance, along with ballet vocabulary. Your young ones will be excited to show you their new ballet moves they have learned. As they grow older, ballet takes great practice and determination, over time your child with gain strength, balance, flexibility, and creative artistry that comes with this beautiful dance form. Although ballet looks elegant, it takes a lot of strength to make it look effortless.

Ballet/Tap Combo

Our Ballet/Tap Combo class lets young dancers and musicians experience rhythm with their bodies. First your child will get to be a part of a fun engaging warm up and stretch, which will prepare them for the ballet barre, across the floor, and learning ballet dances to music they will want to turn and leap to. Children love to move and make noise – this class lets them do both! So make sure your child brings both ballet and tap shoes to this class. They will get a variety of dance styles in one class. After the ballet segment, they will put on their tap shoes and learn coordination and control as they use their own two feet to experience dance and music concepts such as energy, speed, and syncopation. The aspects of this class are included to allow your young tapper the chance to explore their own creative style. Students will groove to the music and shuffle out their energy in this active, enjoyable class.

Ballet/Jazz Combo

Similar to the ballet/tap combo class, this class will offer a variety of dance. It will give an idea for your child to explore different dance styles. Your child can bring ballet and jazz shoes to this class as they will get to learn the vocabulary of ballet and jazz. Their instructor will lead them through a fun and energetic warm and up get them ready for a whole class of learning technique while expressing their own creative artistry through these dance forms. They’ll enjoy fun, age appropriate music that engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies.


This class is all around a blast because it combines so many techniques that are involved in classical ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, modern, lyrical, jazz funk, and more. Jazz has such a large spectrum of styles in one, filled with exercise and motions that improve the bodies strength and range of movement. Your child will dance with the classic forms and current forms of popular dance. Dancers will learn vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms. They will get their bodies moving as they learn the technique and creativity of dance, and discover a new world that allows us to use movement to communicate through performance and artistry.

Hip hop

Our hip hop class is the perfect opportunity for your child to groove, jump, spin, and move as they learn the latest dance moves. Fun, kid-friendly music is utilized in this exciting class, which is a perfect fit for the energetic child. With an emphasis on musicality, agility, and coordination, your hip hop dancer will leave class feeling cool and confident. Throughout the lessons, students will work cooperatively in a group as they learn awesome moves, and lively routines. Hip Hop class is a great opportunity for personal expression, and gives each child the chance to find their own individual movement style. Come to class with energy and enthusiasm, and get ready to have a blast!


This class combines both ballet and jazz techniques. This style concentrates on an individual approach and expresses a range of emotions through movement and performance. Your child will move a lot in this class, as they cover a large amount of space on the dance floor. The dancers travel with soaring jumps and leaps, and graceful walks and turns. It will challenge the dancers to interpret the music through their dancing. Movements in lyrical are fluid, continuous, and graceful, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another. These emotional dance moves help the dancer connect on an emotional level with the audience. As your dancer advances in this technique, they can find it is a beautiful way to express feelings through movement, music, and lyrics.

Musical Theatre

Think Broadway! This class is loads of fun for your child, as they not only get to dance, but also enjoy acting and theatrical dances. Your child will get to learn exercises and games that build confidence to perform their heart out on the big stage. They can sing along to musicals as they dance. This form of dancing is jazz based and emphasizes learning performance skills such as facial expressions and connecting with an audience.


Our Gymnastics Coordinator is Charlie Nash and has been running the program for LA Community Services since 2013. He is bringing the same team and bringing on trained and experience Coaches.

Rockwall is instructed by Justin and Brandon the Lead Adventurers of the Outdoor Adventure Camping Trips.

Alison H. – Dance Director

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