Covid-19 Protocols | Safety Measures | Monarch Camps


Monarch Camps COVID-19 Protocols and Responses

Monarch Camps works to fight and protect campers and staff against COVID-19. The following items will provide a clear overview on how Monarch Camps will operate under the LA County Department of Health Mandates, LA Community Service District Guidelines, CDC, and ACA Covid Guidelines.
  • Offering Covid Testing On Site to everyone in the community on Tuesdays 7:15AM-9:30AM. They bill insurance or family if they do not have insurance.
  • All Staff, Volunteers, Aides, and Vendors that are eligible for the Covid Vaccine are required to have up to date covid vaccinations.
    • Those with medical or religious exemptions are required to provide a form signed by an official as proof of exemption.
  • If a camper goes home not feeling well,  parents will be called for immediate pick up. Camper will be given an n95 mask and medical gloves while waiting to be picked up and will be given a rapid Covid test.
  • Teach and reinforce healthy hygiene practices throughout the day.
  • Suggest campers arrive at camp dressed for swimming.

If a camper reports positive with Covid, we will inform the other campers in their group and their co-counselor’s group, due to prolonged exposure.

  • If an unvaccinated camper is exposed they cannot attend for the amount of days following CDC recommendations on quarantining. There will be NO credit for quarantining due to being unvaccinated.
    • We do encourage all participants to get the Covid vaccine to protect themselves and others by the day they start camp.

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