Employment at Monarch Camps


Joining the Monarch Camps Family is an experience unlike any other you’ve had or will have. You’ll be challenged, inspired, and proud as you counsel campers aged 5 – 14.

  • Can you put the needs of the campers and camp ahead of yours? Are you able to be responsible for the health and safety of the campers? Can you ensure campers dress appropriately for the weather, drink water, put on sunscreen, behave properly, make great friends, attend the correct activities…And so much more!?
  • Can you perform at your best with a smile on your face while you are both physically and emotionally exhausted? Is teaching a specialty, a variety of different electives, dressing up for the weekly themes, and of course making sure each camper is having fun and feels that you are there for them something you are confident in doing?
  • Are you a “glass half full”, always looking for the positive kind of person?

If you truthfully answered, “YES!” keep reading! We are looking for positive people from around the world to help us create the best summer experience possible for our campers. This will mean a job experience like no other, so keep the following in mind:

  • This is a job where you will be asked to do crazy things at any moment. If you do not have a wild and crazy side do not waste your time applying.


  • Experience working with children of all ages in a recreational, educational, and/or community setting.
  • Ability to work with staff and parents.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate sensitivity to others as well as respond to critical incidents and act quickly in an emergency situation.
  • High School Graduate and attending/graduated college
  • Ability to lead and participate in physical activities.
  • Experience helping others
  • Outgoing Personality
  • Drug Free
  • Strive to be a Role Model for others.
  • 2 Postive References
  • Criminal record clearance
  • Clearance of TB test.


Step 1 (Applications & Screening)January through May 1st, we screen through nearly 200 applications to invite 100 of the best applicants to be invited to our first round of group interviews.
Step 2 (First Round Interviews: April through May we hold 3 sets of First Round Interviews with about 30 candidates each. We are looking to see how outgoing and exciting our candidates are in front of a group of strangers.
Step 3 (Invitation): We call reference checks and do criminal backgrounds checks to select 30 candidates total to move on from the group interviews and then to be invited to our Second Round Interview.
Step 4 (Second Round Interview): End of May we hold our Second Round Interview. On this day we simulate a full day camp experience in order to see our candidates in action, playing sports, leading activities, and making a memorable experience. Through this we help some candidates realize this is not the kind of job they want. Out of the 30 invited, we hire about 20 of the candidates.
Step 5 (Training): Early in June we hold 2 days of training on a variety of topics, including the Monarch Method, Best Practices, Emergency Procedures, and Safety.
Step 6 (Team Building): The week before the first day of camp: Annual Staff Bonding Camping Trip. Our staff embark on a voluntary 5 day camping trip to work on team building and personal growth.
Step 7 (Begin Work): Mid June: First Week of Camp
Step 8 (Focused Training): After the first week of camp our counselors have gotten experience working in the field. We have our final training day in the style of a Monarch Camps Conference. We offer several different sessions through out the day and staff are able to choose the sessions with topics they feel they’d like more information on or struggling with.