Employees - Monarch Camps

Congratulations and excited for this coming summer.

Employee Paper Work Checklist

Click on the forms and print them out
Fill them out and take a picture of each one
Click Log on
Select Employees
Click on upload paperwork.
Enter each item according to the Requested Section.
  1. Selfie Photo
  2. Job Description Agreement (Annually)
  3. I-9 Form
  4. One photo of both a California ID and Social Security Card or just a passport.
  5. Child Abuse Reporting Form (Annually) (sign after you get trained)
  6. Voluntary Disclosure Statement
  7. Copy of TB Clearance (if less than 2 years old)
  8. (Optional) Copy of First Aid  & CPR (every 2 years)
  9. Social Media Disclosure Policy
  10. LiveScan Authorization Form
  11. Employee Handbook Agreement (Annually)

Copy of Employee Handbook