Pool and Beach Information - Monarch Camps

Pool and Beach Information

Morning Swim Lessons


The majority of Swim Lessons take place in the teaching Pool.

LA Valley College Lifeguards are on duty whenever we have campers in the water.

We have two Aquatics Directors that plan and lead swim lessons.

Counselors and Junior Counselors are in the water with the campers assisting them individually during swim lessons.

Swim Lessons:

  • Camper apply sunscreen before entering the pool deck to give time to let the sunscreen settle in.
  • Campers then get dresses in changing rooms or bathrooms near the pool. Counselors and Junior Counselors assist them with changing and are never alone with a camper.
  • After campers get dressed for swimming, They are instructed to walk to wear swim lessons will be held and to only sit until directed the first instructions.
  • Aquatics Directors give them different fundamental skills to work on each day.
  • Each camper is treated as if they can not swim, until they have been swim tested.
  • More advanced campers maybe assigned to a different group during swim lessons to work on more advanced fundamentals.
  • Campers in Classic Day Camp will get a Swim Card(example below) sent home each week to update parents on their camper’s swim progress.

Afternoon Recreational Free Swim


LA Valley College Lifeguards are on Duty whenever we have campers in the water.

Our Staff are assigned to points surrounding the pool and the diving boards to act as look-outs, in addition to the LAVC Lifeguards.

Campers do not get in the water until lifeguards and look-outs are in position. Other staff members are required to be in the water with the campers when not assigned to a look out position.

Halfway through the swim hour the staff in the water swap with the lookouts to maintain fresh eyes.

Campers that choose not to swim are brought indoors and supervised while they read and play small games.

Pool Rules

  • Walk at all times
  • Horseplay, dunking, and roughhousing are forbidden
  • Hands off people’s heads
  • Minimize splashing while swimming
  • Take short showers
  • Wait for permission to enter pool.
  • NO Floaties are allowed.
  • Always leave food or drinks off deck
  • Always leave glass away from pool

Beach Trips

Campers are encouraged to arrive at camp dressed for the beach, but still wear Closed Toed Shoes.

All Campers will get a wristband to identify them when they’re not wearing their camp shirt.

We leave campus immediately at 9:00AM to arrive at the beach by 10:30AM

We then review beach rules and prepare campers to go in the water.

The lookout positions are assigned and rotate every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Campers are in the water from 11:00AM-12:30PM.

Lunch 12:30-1:00PM

Campers can get back in the water  from 1:00- 2:30PM

We leave the beach at 2:30PM to be back on campus by 4:30PM.

LA Valley College Lifeguard and Aquatics Director Qualifications

Both are Lifeguard Certified

Both are CPR and First Aide Certified

Aquatics Director is a Water Safety Instructor Certification.